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The Truggery

Square Trug

Square Trug

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Square and squat, these are decorative baskets with lots of uses. Mine is for pegs but another one is used at the table for bread.

Usage Guide

6" Square.

his one is a fiddle and not made very often but is very cute.

8" Square.

The 8" square lends itself well to being a cracker or cookie basket or for a small child to play with.

10" Square.

This size is frequently used as a bread basket and I use mine to keep pegs in.

12" Square.

The 12" Square is big enough to hold some hand tools and take down the garden with you.  Don't forget the string when you go.

Size Guide

Size cm inch
Square 6" 15 6
Square 8" 20 8
Square 10" 25 10
Square 12" 30 12
Square 14" 36 14


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