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Oval Trug

Oval Trug

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Oval trugs have a beautifully rounded shape and, being a little deeper than 'garden' trugs, lend themselves to being filled with pots for display and harvesting produce. Particularly favoured in the smaller sizes for children or indoor use.

Use guide

No. 0 Oval.

Dinky little trug often used by tiny bridesmaids to hold a nosegay. Equally at home on the kitchen counter holding a few garlic bulbs. 

No. 1 Oval.

Perfect for half a dozen eggs, carrying a little dolly, some dried flowers or some scones.

No. 2 Oval. 

Lovely for a small child's first trug, also used as a fruit bowl.

No. 3 Oval. 

Use indoors as a fruit bowl, to hold some sewing or for a bit of light gardening.

No. 4 Oval.

 A pretty shape and often used for gardening as it will easily carry a few hand tools and leave space for some dead heading.

No. 5 Oval. 

A lovely trug for general gardening especially if you can't choose between the No. 5 and No. 6 Garden Trug. Capacious and useful with a bit of extra depth.

No. 6 Oval. 

Recently re introduced to our collection and proving to be a popular all purpose trug.  Deeper and wider than a No 6 Garden.  Large enough for copious amounts of fruit and vegetables, but not too large for most people to carry.

No. 7 Oval.

Recently re introduced to our collection.  A fabulous trug for the serious gardener or allotment holder. More depth and width than the No 6 Oval.

Sizing guide

Size cm inch
Oval No. 0 20 x 13 8 x 5
Oval No. 1 25 x 15 10 x 6
Oval No. 2 30 x 18 12 x 7
Oval No. 3 38 x 24 15 x 9.5
Oval No. 4 42 x 25 16.5 x 10
Oval No. 5 48 x 28 19 x 11
Oval No. 6 52 x 33 20.5 x 13


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