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The Truggery

Round Trug

Round Trug

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Perfectly round, with a handle, these are generally used to carry eggs or fruit.

Usage Guide

8" Round.

This is definitely the favourite for displaying eggs in the kitchen.  Bring it out every Easter for the egg hunt!

10" Round.

This trug could have many uses but it mostly gets used as a fruit bowl and seems to hold enough for the family for the week's juices and smoothies.

12" Round.

Another fab fruit bowl when you're starting to think of bigger fruit like ogen melons and pineapple.

14" Round.

A seriously beautiful trug.  Dramatic full of huge fruit or with a flower arrangement.

Size guide

Size cm inch
Round 8" 20 8
Round 10" 25 10
Round 12" 30 12
Round 14" 36 14



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