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The Truggery

Pet Trug

Pet Trug

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Our fabulous new Pet Trug is proving popular, for cats, or even small dogs. 

The trug is lowered at the front and higher at the back for stability and easy access. A  cosy bed for your small pet.

Size: approx. 42cm diameter. 

Height at rear approx. 26cm

Height at front approx. 13cm



Because this trug is made using copper tacks we would advise against its being used unsupervised for young animals or dogs prone to chewing their bed.

During its lifetime a trug, being made of natural materials, can move very slightly depending on atmospheric conditions, so it is advisable to periodically check that no nails have worked loose.  This can easily be remedied, by firmly hammering any nails back in, or bringing into our workshop.

We would not expect a trug to come in for repair until it is at least 25 years old.





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