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Tan Leather Half Apron

Tan Leather Half Apron

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If you have been searching for the best gardening waist apron then you need not to look any further. We have found the most practical and comfortable garden accessory! The best bit is that they are all hand stitched in the UK, therefore reducing any air-miles from making to wearing. 

This all leather Half Apron is our favourite when we’re out gathering flowers. There’s a special pouch at the front for your flower snips or secateurs with another larger pocket for your phone and perhaps some twine. No more making holes in your trouser pockets!

The leather will get softer over time so please take care and apply beeswax or leather wax when it's starts to dry out. As we know, if you love it look after it and it will last you a life time. 

The apron is secured with an adjustable clip so one size fits all. Garden accessories in the picture not included. 

NB: Please note, colours will vary.


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