Workshop Roof Renovation Crowdfunder

Workshop Roof Renovation Crowdfunder

Water, water… everywhere 

We've been settling nicely into our new home in the workshop since late September, after investing in electrical and building renovation to make this possible and keep The Truggery going.

Unfortunately, the severe weather has dealt a final blow to the workshop roof. The last round of wind and rain in late November has left sizable holes in the roof, and torrents of water coming into the machine room (see images below). We have been keeping the inevitable at bay with patch-work repairs and expanding foam until now, but the time has certainly come for a complete renewal.

With significant cost increases in building supplies, since being quoted for the work last year, we are now facing a shortfall in funds for the repairs. The repairs are now less of a nice-to-have and more of an essential.

How you can help

After lots of deliberating, we have decided to bite the bullet and start a crowd-funder to help bridge the gap in funding.

There are a number of exciting rewards available, so please take a look at the link below. From books, to Trugs, to the chance to leave your mark on the workshop for the next 100 years!

If you can help fund, even a little, we would be most grateful and it will help go towards renewing the roof in the early new year, once the weather improves.

Let's hope the cans of expanding foam stop the worst until then!


Thank you for your kind consideration,

The Truggery Team



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