Spring is on its way!

Spring is on its way!

Welcome to Winter 2021 at The Truggery and the start of the trugmaking year.

Local Materials

After a very busy Christmas we are preparing for the coming season and are busy coppicing locally sourced Sweet Chestnut and collecting all the materials we need for the coming year. Our wood is cut in the Winter when the sap is down and needs time to season, so some trugs will take a little more time to be despatched at this time of year.  Be patient - you can’t rush nature!

In the Garden

We are all starting the think about what to do in the garden so that we can go out there, armed with trug and tools.  Even if the weather is not tempting us outside, this is the time to order and plant some of our vegetable and flower seeds in the greenhouse or on windowsills.  Sweet peas are already pushing down roots and tomatoes feeling their way upwards.  Bulbs are making an appearance and Spring is in the air.  Take a look over your tools.  Do any of them need a bit of tlc?  Look at your old trug – does it need a clean up?  Knock in any loose tacks, scrub it and when it’s dry give it a light coat of raw linseed oil and rub it in well.  You’d be amazed how many more years of life you can get out of your trug.  If you have a very old trug – and I know many of you are still using your Granny’s old trug – do send us a photo. Lots of Truggery trugs become family heirlooms.


Our latest appearance on the box is with the much loved Alan Titchmarsh MBE on his Sunday morning programme Love Your Weekend, 7th February 2021, series 2, episode 6 on itv.com.  Watch to see a typical day in the life of a trugmaker.

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